The Future of Laser Tattoo Removal Is Here!

Published: 06th October 2010
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Tattoos in today's world are very popular with people of all sorts of different age groups both young and old. Getting a tattoo where others can see it may say something about you or may just be a pathway to achieving coolness. You may have a tattoo for years, but what will happen whenever a person gets to old for it to mean anything and just causes inconveniences?

There are a numerous ways that a person can go about tattoo removal. Many employ the use of different creams that claim to remove tattoos but the thing is with these creams is that it might take close to an entire year for it to yield results. Moreover, if the ink is very deep and darkened within your skin, the cream may not having any real lasting results at all. In addition, most of the creams used out there to try and remove tattoos are in fact bleaching agents that have within them Hydroquinone. Hydroquinone has been linked to directly to types of cancer and may inflict other health hazards.

Some of these creams that will attempt to remove tattoos have in them skin lying agents. When ever this lysing agent is applied to the skin, it will destroy skin cells and cause them to peel. When this method is applied several times the tattoo will be removed from the killing and peeling of your skin cells. However, a person undergoing this treatment may even experience scarring or even burns. Does it seem intelligent to you to dump acid on your skin to remove a tattoo? I think not.

A person can have their tattoos removed through surgery if they wish, although this method has a chance to produce scarring. When going through surgery to remove your tattoos they cut out the skin layers that contain the ink and then remove skin from other parts of your body and graft it in on that area. It is a long tedious process that will take you quite some time to heal and there is always the chance that an infection can occur.

Furthermore, one of the most well known methods to remove a tattoo or tattoos is by using lasers. Whenever the laser hits the inked area of your skin it starts to break down all binding agents that keep the ink visible on your skin, which is then absorbed into your body. This method will surely outshine any cream that bleaches your skin since lasers will take it out completely. There is some discomfort, but the treatments are usually just a few minutes. In some cases pain numbing creams can be applied.

The laser tattoo removal can be done until the ink is completely removed. Depending on the size and amount of ink in the tattoo, the treatments are deigned to slowly fade the tattoo out of the skin. A certain wavelength is used for different colors, so the tattoo can be of any type. Darker inks require more treatments, but a person can expect anywhere from four to up to ten treatments for removal. Cost is in a range dependent on the clinic doing the removal process, but prices, in the extreme, can be around $200 for each treatment.

There are lots of people who get tattoos removed and believe that it is worth all the trouble. This will always be a personal choice since some people wish to remove a persons name or a tattoo around the neck or ankles. Most tattoos can be removed by laser surgery.

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